Amazon EC2 API Tools

To deal with instances on Amazon EC2 you need the Amazon EC2 API Tools. You can download it here:

This command line tools are used to access the EC2 instances. To use this tools you need Java 1.5 or higher and you need to setup the System Variable “JAVA_HOME”.  How to set up the tools with the certificates you can read in the User Guide.

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7 thoughts on “Amazon EC2 API Tools

    1. ec2 ip address from the change in the Will for the consol?
      given ip once a day, for instance want to change.

      1. Your english is really bad 🙂 Much worst than my 🙂

        But I think I understand you question.

        Every time you reboot your virtual machine on Amazon you get a new IP Adress for that machine. So you have to look up in Amazons Webapp for the new IP Adress.
        Or you are working with elastic IP. In that way you can enforce that your machine gets always the same IP Adress.

        I hope I understand your questions and answered it well.

  1. I’m sorry, my English language was a turning naegasseu because it’s hard. But you understand my question, and it’s nice that.
    The first question modifyInstanceAttributes wrote in the Amazon was one of the methods of webapi. I’m using these elastic wanted to know how to change ip, sample source and did not find it. So if you know about this part, I know you have written because I thought that if you get help. I got the answer you want, but people in other countries and so it’s good to talk. Even though my English was …

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