Since a couple of days I am playing around with Google+. Google+ is the new social community network from Google. It is really very very very very similar to Facebook. This is The Google+ Wall:

It looks exactly like the Facebook Wall. Just the colors are little bit different. Instead of facebooks blue you have more white colors on Google+. Here are the Features of Google+

  • Instead of Facebooks Like button you have Googles +1 Button.
  • You can post messages on you wall, like on Facebook.
  • You can post messages to the wall of you friends, like on Facebook.
  • You can upload Pictures and Videos, like on Facebook.
  • You can organize your Friends in Groups/Circles, like on Facebook.
  • You can chat with your Friends, like on Facebook.
Instead of Facebook Groups you have “Circles”. It looks like this.
That looks nice. But the idea is not really new.
There is really nothing innovative on Google+. It is a second Facebook with different colors and wordings!

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CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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