SF NewTech

Yesterday I attended to the SF NewTech Meetup in San Francisco. This is a Meetup there new Start-Ups can present themselves and hire new people.

Actually the Event is in a pretty cool location with high brick walls, a nice bar and cool paintings.

The special Thing on this Meetup is that every Speaker have just 5 min to talk. Actually there is big red timer running down from 5 min to zero. If the timer is down the time for the Speaker is over. In the next 5 min the audience have time to ask questions. And than everything is starting again with another Speaker.

Every SF NewTech Event have his own Theme. The Theme this time was “API”. So I heard some cool stuff about some of the APIs which are out there in the deep Internet. I learned a lot new stuff. Did you know that SalesForce is making 500 mil. transactions per day over their API? Much more than over regular Browser Requests from human users. And far much more than Microsofts Cloud Service. Actually SalesForce is a bigger Cloud Service than Microsoft!

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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