GigaOM Mobilize

Last Monday and Tuesday I went to the GigaOM Mobilize Conf. Here are my notes from the conference:

Adds go over to recommandations, reviews, comments
The user is the OS
Privacy is the currency
Mashup needs Orchestrators
Fjord, small products.

Pandora -> HTML 5 -> No Flash
Iheart radio
80% of usa takes their infos from radio
Spotify -> Facebook

60% usage of apps. 9% browser
Primetime is afternoon, a little bit in the night.
Tablets used in prof. Areas.
 Mostly used for watching tv.
 Most people with iPhone and iPad are using iPhone during the day. In the evening, at home, they are using much more the iPad. 

New formats of advertisements
Advertisements should focus on locationbased services.
Push marketing
Adds as usefull information.
Relationship with user is very important.
Critical mass is important for adds. Specially local users.

Voice just 4% of net traffic
Voice as api in Apps
8 billion USD for roaming, every year, worldwide
Intuit 15 mill. Customers.
Google valet (Eric schmidt)

The arduino platform. The Linux for Hardware devices.
Tingle (mobile local dating), buy Karma! :-)

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