Uploading Artifacts to the central maven repository

Do you ever tried to upload an artifact to the central maven repository server? No? Well, that is not fun! The maven guys are pretty serious!

OK. If you want to upload something you “just” have to read this tutorial here:


AND this super long tutorial here:


On maven.apache.org they tell you that the most easiest way to upload something is over sonatype. You just have to create a user in their JIRA bug tracking tool and open a ticket! *LOL* Are you serious? Publishing software by opening a ticket in a bug tracking tool? Really? Reaaaaalllllyyyyyyyy?

Are you fu**ing kidding me?

And the best part is, that your ticket will be handled in just 2 business days. Wow.

No wonder that every company and even small open source teams are setting up their own Maven2 Repository.

To publish a open source project in RubyGems.org took me less than 5 min and it was published immediately. And I don’t know one single Ruby coder which is managing his own RubyGems Server.

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

8 thoughts on “Uploading Artifacts to the central maven repository

  1. We do not like the ruby guys. They take away another’s work and destroy the Maven administration. Long live the Maven administration and it’s complex processes, which saves a lot of jobs!



  2. It works! Have a look on Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP, for example.

    You “should” review your business model for versioneye. It’s too easy to handel. “Easy” you can’t sell. 🙂



      1. When you mean with “sell” giving it for free, then I am with you. Otherwise an example would be helpful.

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