Python MeetUp – How Web Frameworks interprets the URL – Python 3

On Wednesday I went to the Python MeetUp in San Francisco. The topic was

Learn about logging, how web framework interprets the URL, and Python 3

Here is the MeetUp Event for that:

The event was hosted by They have a pretty cool office, with a big kitchen and lot of Pizza …

and beer. The iPad shows you how full your cap is 🙂

They have a kicker

and a table tennis in the office.

And a good view to SOMA

We heared 2 talks at this evening. The last one was about Python 3.

I am not a Python guy. But I am interested in Python. I just switchen over from Java to Ruby. Why not learn Python, too 🙂

The first talk was about how Web Frameworks are working. Ben Bangert talked about Dispatcher in general and showed also some Python code.

For me as outsider Python looks very similar to Ruby. But I saw also some stuff I know from Java. For example Annotations. That looks in Python exactly the same as in Java.

Maybe I should give it a try and learn Python.

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CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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