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I am working currently on VersionEye. That is a service for Software Developers to keep track of Software Libraries. You can check it out here

2 Weeks ago I released a new feature. The Project feature. As a VersionEye user you can create a project by uploading your project file (pom.xml, Gemfile, requirements.txt). If your project file is publicly available you can just put in the URL to your project file.

VersionEye is parsing the project file and creates a project out of it.

In the Project Detail View VersionEye shows you all your dependencies. Outdated dependencies are marked with a red background.

VersionEye shows you the version you are using and the current version of the lib. in green. In that way you can immediately see which of your dependencies you could update.

Right now that works for Java Maven pom.xml files, Ruby Gemfiles and Python pip requirement files. Support for Node.JS is on my ToDo list.

I am planing also a closer integration with GitHub. In that way you could give VersionEye access to your private Repositories and VersionEye could check your project file every day. As soon something is outdated you will receive a E-Mail.

I am always looking for Feedback and improvements. 🙂

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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