What is Twitter?

First of all, Twitter is a News Page! It is an interactive News Page with 140 million active users and over 340 million tweets every day. And because it is “interactive“, it is kind of a “social network”, too. But first of all it is a News Page!

It is the fastest News Page on this Planet. 140 million people are tweeting about everything. If you are walking in San Francisco on the Street and some fire fighters are passing you, then you just have to do a Twitter search to find out which house in SF is burning.

What is a Tweet? 
A Tweet is a Message not longer than 140 characters. Every user on Twitter can submit a tweet. And by default the whole world can read it. A Tweet can be “re tweetetd” and/or replied.

As a Twitter user you can follow other Twitter users, to get their tweets in your Timeline. To follow someone on Twitter is similar to subscribe a RSS channel.

Every Twitter user has his Timeline. In the Timeline you see all the tweets from the Twitter users you are following.

A Hashtag is a hash followed by a word. For example “#Java”. That is like a label for topics. You can search for Hashtags. That makes the search easier.

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