iPhone 5

Yes! I have it 🙂


The new iPhone 5. I pre ordered it last week. On Friday I just passed the line and picked it up. No big deal.

It is lighter, slimmer, higher and much faster. There is one row more for icons. In my opinion another column would be fine, too 🙂

After a couple days usage, I like it. But there are also some disadvantages. I am missing the Google Maps App and the YouTube App! This 2 apps are not anymore pre-installed. Sure there is a YouTube App in the App Store, but unfortunately not for the German App Store. But I found another YouTube client, called Jasmine. It is pretty good.

The screen is awesome. But unfortunately most apps are not supporting the higher screen. Most apps are as high as on the iPhone4. And than you have some black bar on top and on button. Thats looks like a failure.

Battery lifetime is OK. By normal usage it lives easily a whole day.

Facebook & Twitter
Facebook and Twitter are now natively integrated into the OS. For example, in the Photo App you can now share every single photo directly on Twitter or Facebook. Not really a killer feature. On Android devices this is standard since many years.

The Camera is awesome. High resolution and super fast. And now you can take panorama pictures directly from the native camera app. That is nice to have.

iPhone5 is a really good phone. It brings a lot of improvements. But it does not bring a new vision. But I think you can not ask every 6 six years for a new vision or a new revolution. It will maybe take another 6 years until something or somebody brings a new revolution into the phone business.

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CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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