Why old school radio is bad for productivity

Are you a radio listener? I am! I listen radio every day at work. Just because I don’t want create my own playlist and I want to listen to new music. During work I like to listen to Jazz and to electronic music. Something what runs in the background and doesn’t disturb me.

But the old school radio stations are very disturbing. I am talking about radio stations you receive with old analog radios like this here.


There are 3 reasons why old school radio stations are disturbing and bad for productivity.

  1. Commercials
  2. News
  3. DJs talking bullshit

When I turn on the Radio I want to listen to music. I am not interested in News! If I want to know what happens in the world, I go to Twitter or CNN. And of course I am not interested in commercial. Nobody is interested in commercial! And I am not interested in hearing the same joke 20 times a day from 2 different DJs.

I am sure you know this situation. You turn on the radio. You listen to 1 or 2 good songs. And than the DJ starts to talk. And he/she is telling you something you are not interested in. And then you listen again to 1 or 2 songs until they play some stupid commercials. And then again 1 or 2 songs until they tell you some news you know already. Their strategy is to disturb you after every 2nd song. I call that a bad user experience.

@BigFM. I am not interested in the fact the DJ Susanka is pregnant! Because I don’t know her! It’s not my fault that she is pregnant. And sharing this information with me every day doesn’t make my life better!

Old school radio is just annoying and bad for productivity! But there is hope. There is a new generation of radio stations out there. Radio and music apps without

  1. Commercial
  2. News
  3. DJs talking bullshit

I completely stopped listening old school radio! Instead of that I am listening to SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify.

SoundCloud is just awesome! You can listen to music for hours, for free, without any annoying commercial, news and DJs talking bullshit. The people who are uploading the music are paying a small amount. That means the DJs are paying. For you as a listener it’s completely free!


Another cool service is Pandora. At Pandora you can create your own stations. You just type in a song or a band you like and Pandora will play similar kind of music. Every song Pandora is playing for you, you can like or dislike. In that way Pandora learns your taste. From time to time they play a small commercial. But you can buy the premium account for $40 / year, and than it is completely commercial free. And yes! I am paying for the premium account. I would even pay more for the service. Because it’s is awesome!


SoundCloud and Pandora are my 2 favorites. But there are more music services out there. And I wish them all the best. I think that is the feature of music / radio.

What about you? You know any cool music services you want to share here?

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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