PHP User Group FFM

Yesterday night I went to the PHP User Group in Frankfurt am Main. It was at the CoWorking space “Die Zentrale“. Here is their Twitter channel:

Marco Pivetta did a great talk about Proxies. Marco is contributing to several famous projects in the PHP world. For example doctrine2, zf2 and Symfony. In his talk he explained the Proxy pattern in general and showed different uses cases for them. For example Lazy Loading, AOP or just hiding optimisation and init code. Very interesting stuff. Most of this topics I know already from the Java World. PHP is getting more serious. It becomes more Java like. Not sure if I like that.

I did a talk about VersionEye and Continuous Updating. I showed very quickly how the software development changed in the past 10 years and what is missing, from my point of view. The feedback to VersionEye was very good and productive. I got new ideas and motivation to continue with the project. Many Thanks for that.


The PHP UG FFM is a bunch of funny guys. Very open minded and always ready to try out new things. I will come back.

Many thanks to DMR Solutions. The company is specialised into the LAMP stack. They build cool stuff on top of PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. DMR payed the food last night. Many Thanks for that.

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