Linux Tage 2013 in Berlin

Linux Tage 2013 in Berlin is the biggest Linux Conference in Germany. It goes from Wednesday to Saturday. There are all day long sessions & tech talks. And of course a big exhibition hall, where you can meet some of the vendors. It is a place there .com meets .org.

I have been there today and will be there tomorrow and on Saturday. You can find me at the Yunicon stand in the exhibition hall. Yunicon is an awesome private cloud provider from Berlin. They have the coolest stand in the exhibition hall because they offer free cocktails! 🙂


I am doing every day at 15:30 a talk about Continuous Updating with VersionEye.


If you want to learn something about Continuous Updating or VersionEye, join the talk. Grab a free cocktail and ask me your questions. I am happy to answer them.


See you tomorrow.

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

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