Geek 2 Geek

I am just starting a new MeetUp in Berlin. Called Geek2Geek! 🙂


There are already many tech meetups in Berlin. There is a MeetUp for PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript and so on. And at the Ruby MeetUp you have only Ruby devs talking about Ruby and at the PHP MeetUp you have only PHP Devs talking about PHP! But I think it is much more interesting if people from different communities are coming together and discussing a topic!

Every Geek2Geek Event has 1 topic! For example MVC in Web Apps. To this topic we will have at least 2 talks from 2 different communities. For example one talk about Ruby on Rails and another one about Grails. The room will be mixed with devs from at least 2 communities. And after the talks we can have a productive controverse discussion by Pizza and Beer!

At the VersionEye Office in Berlin Mitte: Brunnenstrasse 181!

23 July 2013

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Sign up at our MeetUp page:

Published by Robert Reiz

CEO @ VersionEye. Passionated software developer since 1998.

5 thoughts on “Geek 2 Geek

  1. Very cool idea. Especially since architecture and it’s problems are not dependent on the language used most of the time, anyway.

  2. Many Thanks for all the Feedback. We have already the first topic and the first speaker. The topic is “IT-Infrastructure for DevOps” and the first talk will do Christoph Beckmann from KaufDa. He will show how they manage their infrastructure with puppet in 5 countries.

  3. Hm, the meetup description is somewhat contradictory, though. On the one hand it implies that you want all programming geeks to come together, but then you state that the group is restricted to Java, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, PHP, JavaScript, R and Clojure.

    I am going to give your first meetup a try and see how it goes; however, I do not fall into any of those categories above.

    1. Hi Timwi. The MeetUp is not restricted to those languages! The sentence in my post is ending with “and so on”! That includes all other languages, too. You are very welcome to check out the meetup.
      What language are you using? Anything you wanna talk about?

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