How to track page views in a SinglePage App

The google analytics snippet tracks regular page views every time the page gets reloaded. That happens if you navigate to another page or your reload the current page. But if you have a AJAX heavy SinglePage Application, for example build with Backbone.JS or ember.js, than the default code snippet from Google is not enough. AnotherContinue reading “How to track page views in a SinglePage App”

KPIs for Software Libraries

This week we launched a new detail view for all our software libraries at VersionEye. The new view is more clean and shows some important KPIs for software developers on the right side. It shows for example how many days/weeks/months/years ago the selected version of the library was released. If the current version was releasedContinue reading “KPIs for Software Libraries”

VersionEye Collaborators

One of the coolest features we added in the last days to VersionEye is the collaboration feature. Maybe you noticed already the “Collaborators” Tab in the project view. Here you can add a collaborator to your project. Simply start typing the full name or nickname of the collaborator. The autocomplete input field will show youContinue reading “VersionEye Collaborators”

HTTP_REFERER for RSpec is missing

Currently got this error message after executing my RSpec tests: ActionController::RedirectBackError: No HTTP_REFERER was set in the request to this action, so redirect_to :back could not be called successfully. If this is a test, make sure to specify request.env[“HTTP_REFERER”]. The error message and Stackoverflow tells you to set request.env[“HTTP_REFERER”]. I did that: request.env[“HTTP_REFERER”] = “/signin”Continue reading “HTTP_REFERER for RSpec is missing”

Background image for developers

On Friday I pushed a new version of VersionEye online with a big background image from Berlin. Because we have our head quarter in Berlin. This is how it looked like: It took less than 2 days until the first users from the community complained about it. They told me that it is to disturbingContinue reading “Background image for developers”


I am currently writing a maven plugin and I got this error message by executing the goal. [ERROR] Failed to execute goal group:artifact:1.0.0:goal (default-cli) on project artifact: Execution default-cli of goal group:artifact:1.0.0:goal failed: An API incompatibility was encountered while executing group:artifact:1.0.0:goal: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.maven.wagon.shared.http4.AbstractHttpClientWagon.getReadTimeout()I I could resolve this after I updated from maven 3.0.3 to mavenContinue reading “AbstractHttpClientWagon.getReadTimeout()I”

New VersionEye API

VersionEye is releasing the 2nd version of his API. Check it out here:Ā The only thing that changed is the way how you access the products. Because the URL structure changed at VersionEye, the API needed some refactoring to. The old version is still working! And the other parts of the API are not changed.Continue reading “New VersionEye API”

GitHub Single Page with many improvements

The GitHub Single Page app at VersionEye is now online since 2 weeks. In the mean while we collected a lot of feedback from the community and did many small improvements.   Here are the most important changes: We re arranged the design a little bit. The toggle component is now on the left side.Continue reading “GitHub Single Page with many improvements”

New Dependency Badges at VersionEye

Yesterday we just pushed again a new version of our dependency badges online. They look now like this: They are now conform with all the other badges at github. That means they are the same style and they have the same height, 18px. Currently VersionEye offers this badges for Ruby, Java, PHP and Node.JS. YouContinue reading “New Dependency Badges at VersionEye”

New URL structure at VersionEye

This week we pushed a new version online where we completely changed our URL structure. Until last week we had URLs like this: For example:–hibernate-core/4~2~0~Final They look now like this: VersionEye allows now dots in the parameters and we removed the static strings “package” and “version”. The URLs are nowContinue reading “New URL structure at VersionEye”

Single Page App for GitHub Repositories

We just deployed a new version of VersionEye. In the current version we totally refactored the handling with GitHub Repositories. We developed a single page application to deal with GitHub Repositories inside of VersionEye. By Default we show all your public repositories from your user account. If you want to monitor a repository, simply selectContinue reading “Single Page App for GitHub Repositories”

Better support for PIP requirements.txt

Just pushed a new version of VersionEye online with an improved parser for requirements.txt files. Here are the new features: It can handle comments in requirements.txt files. It will ignore lines who are starting with http:// or https://. It can handle entries without explicit version string. Support for the pip.log file. An entry like thisContinue reading “Better support for PIP requirements.txt”