Updating an existing VersionEye project via API

The VersionEye API enables you to create a project via the API. You just need to send your project file via POST to this endpoint “/v1/projects.json” and VersionEye creates a new project for that and returns a JSON with the used libraries and the information if they are outdated. There is already an AddOn forContinue reading “Updating an existing VersionEye project via API”

Git tagging

Note for me, how to tag with git. Because I always forget it! git tag -a v1.4 -m ‘version 1.4’ git tag The first line creates a tag with the annotation (-a) v1.4 and the message (-m) “version 1.4”. And this line pushes the tag to origin master. git push –tags  

Parsing a CSV in Ruby

Parsing is CSV file in Ruby is very easy. Check out this code: require “csv” csv_file_path = “ABSOLUTE_PATH_TO_YOUR_CSV_FILE” file = File.open(csv_file_path, “r:ISO-8859-1”) csv = CSV.parse file That’s it. This is how you get the first row: csv.first This is how you get the first column of the first row: csv.first.first And this is how youContinue reading “Parsing a CSV in Ruby”

Subscribe to your Software Libraries via RSS

On the weekend we finished the RSS feature for VersionEye. You can now subscribe to your Libraries via RSS. On your profile page, directly next to your favorite packages, you will see an RSS icon. Just click on it and in future you will get the new version notifications through your favorite RSS Reader. IContinue reading “Subscribe to your Software Libraries via RSS”

How to get a list of all licenses for your Software Project

Through the new VersionEye API you can get a list of all licenses for your software project. VersionEye now supports 7 different package managers. In this example I will use a Ruby Gemfile to demonstrate how easy it is to get the license list. First of all you need to signup at VersionEye to get yourContinue reading “How to get a list of all licenses for your Software Project”

VersionEye now supports custom repositories for Composer

Yesterday night I pushed a new version online. Up to know we supported only simple composer.json files like this here: { “require”: { “symfony/symfony”: “2.0.7”, “symfony/doctrine-bundle” : “*”, “symfony/process” : “2.0.*”, “symfony/browser-kit” : “!= 2.0.6”, “symfony/security-bundle” : “>=2.0.7”, “symfony/locale” : “<=2.0.7”, “symfony/yaml”: “<2.0.8”, “symfony/http-kernel”: “>2.0.6”, “twig/twig” : “>=1.9.1,<2.0.0”, “doctrine/common” : “>2.2 , <2.4”, “symfony/console” :Continue reading “VersionEye now supports custom repositories for Composer”

VersionEye – Continuous Updating

This week I went to the PHP User Group in Berlin. The room was full with people. I guess round about 30 PHP Devs. Martin Holzhauer did an awesome talk about PHP Application Architecture. And Volker Dusch did an awesome talk about PHPUnit. I really enjoyed both talks. I did a talk about VersionEye andContinue reading “VersionEye – Continuous Updating”

Ruby on Rails + MySQL on CloudControl

CloudControl is a pretty cool StartUp from Berlin. It is a PaaS Solution like Heroku.  CloudControl is hosting on AWS in Ireland. They are more flexible than Heroku. Beside the number of web processes you can choose how much RAM each instance should have. This is a cool features what you don’t get on Heroku.Continue reading “Ruby on Rails + MySQL on CloudControl”

Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project

In a regular project you are using a handfull Software Libraries. Every Library in your project can use a different license. To get a list of all licenses which are used in your project can be difficult. You can double check the license for every single library in your project manually. But that is timeContinue reading “Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project”

Language Statistics : Java and Ruby are leading

VersionEye is tracking Open Source Software Libraries in the Internet. VersionEye is not interested in SourceCode. VersionEye is only interested in ready releases. In Artefacts that are “done” and you can reuse in your projects. The Graph down shows the amount of projects per language.   These numbers are collected from more than 50 different repository serversContinue reading “Language Statistics : Java and Ruby are leading”

FridayAtSix Talkshow at VersionEye Office in Berlin

Last Friday my company VersionEye hosted the FridayAtSix Talkshow in Berlin. FridayAtSix is a Talkshow about the tech. StartUp scene in Berlin. It happens 1 or 2 times a month. And always at a different location. Usually at the office of a cool tech StartUp. Last Friday the cool tech StartUp was VersionEye 🙂 YouContinue reading “FridayAtSix Talkshow at VersionEye Office in Berlin”

ObjectC Libs at VersionEye

Just added some ObjectC Libraries to the VersionEye index. The most important ones. http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–AFNetworking–AFNetworking http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–aerogear–aerogear-ios http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–jdg–MBProgressHUD http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–RestKit–RestKit http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–magicalpanda–MagicalRecord http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–johnezang–JSONKit http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–TheRealKerni–HockeyKit http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–robbiehanson–CocoaLumberjack http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–steipete–SDURLCache http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–mattt–TTTAttributedLabel http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–soffes–sstoolkit http://www.versioneye.com/package/github–square–SocketRocket Let me know if you miss something on the list.

PHP User Group FFM

Yesterday night I went to the PHP User Group in Frankfurt am Main. It was at the CoWorking space “Die Zentrale“. Here is their Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/phpugffm. Marco Pivetta did a great talk about Proxies. Marco is contributing to several famous projects in the PHP world. For example doctrine2, zf2 and Symfony. In his talk heContinue reading “PHP User Group FFM”

Capistrano + Rails + Unicorn + NGinx + RVM

Capistrano is a ruby based deployment tool which executes commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via the SSH protocol. With Capistrano you can deploy your application on N server with one single command from your dev machine. You don’t need to login via SSH to your server. If you don’t deploy your app onContinue reading “Capistrano + Rails + Unicorn + NGinx + RVM”

Ruby on Rails + ElasticSearch

This is a tutorial how to use ElasticSearch with Ruby on Rails. ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful Search Engine build on top of Apache Lucene. Sure! You can use your SQL database for search. But that is usually slow and you will not get very good search results. With ElasticSearch you can deliver a fuzzyContinue reading “Ruby on Rails + ElasticSearch”

Why old school radio is bad for productivity

Are you a radio listener? I am! I listen radio every day at work. Just because I don’t want create my own playlist and I want to listen to new music. During work I like to listen to Jazz and to electronic music. Something what runs in the background and doesn’t disturb me. But theContinue reading “Why old school radio is bad for productivity”