Facebook Share Link

Let’s say you have an awesome social network, a dating platform for cars, and you want to share your cars profile on Facebook. It should look like this. How do you do that? First of all you should load Facebooks JavaScript SDK. Insert this code below the “body” tag in your page. Replace 99999999999999 with yourContinue reading “Facebook Share Link”

Comparison of Application Level Package Managers

I have to work with a lot (9) of different package managers at my daily work at VersionEye. Part of our mission is it to make manual updating of dependencies extinct, because it’s a manual and time consuming task which nobody enjoys. That’s why we are building a notification system for open source software libraries to make ContinuousContinue reading “Comparison of Application Level Package Managers”

How to track page views in a SinglePage App

The google analytics snippet tracks regular page views every time the page gets reloaded. That happens if you navigate to another page or your reload the current page. But if you have a AJAX heavy SinglePage Application, for example build with Backbone.JS or ember.js, than the default code snippet from Google is not enough. AnotherContinue reading “How to track page views in a SinglePage App”

Improving the Dependency Wheel at the GitMerge Hackathon

Last week I attended to the GitMerge Conference in Berlin. It was sponsored by GitHub and Google. On Saturday their was the hackathon day. I found somebody who want to contribute to the dependency wheel project. Many Thanks to Coding46 for his contributions! The dependency wheel project is a JavaScript Library which enables you toContinue reading “Improving the Dependency Wheel at the GitMerge Hackathon”

Uncheck all checkboxes

Das folgende JavaScript iteriert über alle checkboxen in einem Formular und deselektiert jedes einzelne von ihnen. Das entsprechende Formular in dem die Checkboxen liegen, sollte mit der ID “FormName” markiert sein. Wenn das Formular eine andere ID hat, dann muss dementsprechend die Funktion angepasst werden. Das folgende Script iteriert über alle Formulare eines Dokumentes undContinue reading “Uncheck all checkboxes”