Comparison of Application Level Package Managers

I have to work with a lot (9) of different package managers at my daily work at VersionEye. Part of our mission is it to make manual updating of dependencies extinct, because it’s a manual and time consuming task which nobody enjoys. That’s why we are building a notification system for open source software libraries to make ContinuousContinue reading “Comparison of Application Level Package Managers”

Minimum Stability

The PHP Package Manager Composer has a very cool Feature, called minimum-stability.  That defines the minimun stability for wildcard versions. Let’s say you define this in your composer.json file: “symfony/finder” : “2.2.*” By default the minimum stability is “stable”. That means the package manager will look for the newest version in the “2.2.” branch, whichContinue reading “Minimum Stability”

Updating an existing VersionEye project via API

The VersionEye API enables you to create a project via the API. You just need to send your project file via POST to this endpoint “/v1/projects.json” and VersionEye creates a new project for that and returns a JSON with the used libraries and the information if they are outdated. There is already an AddOn forContinue reading “Updating an existing VersionEye project via API”

VersionEye now supports custom repositories for Composer

Yesterday night I pushed a new version online. Up to know we supported only simple composer.json files like this here: { “require”: { “symfony/symfony”: “2.0.7”, “symfony/doctrine-bundle” : “*”, “symfony/process” : “2.0.*”, “symfony/browser-kit” : “!= 2.0.6”, “symfony/security-bundle” : “>=2.0.7”, “symfony/locale” : “<=2.0.7”, “symfony/yaml”: “<2.0.8”, “symfony/http-kernel”: “>2.0.6”, “twig/twig” : “>=1.9.1,<2.0.0”, “doctrine/common” : “>2.2 , <2.4”, “symfony/console” :Continue reading “VersionEye now supports custom repositories for Composer”

Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project

In a regular project you are using a handfull Software Libraries. Every Library in your project can use a different license. To get a list of all licenses which are used in your project can be difficult. You can double check the license for every single library in your project manually. But that is timeContinue reading “Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project”

PHP User Group FFM

Yesterday night I went to the PHP User Group in Frankfurt am Main. It was at the CoWorking space “Die Zentrale“. Here is their Twitter channel: Marco Pivetta did a great talk about Proxies. Marco is contributing to several famous projects in the PHP world. For example doctrine2, zf2 and Symfony. In his talk heContinue reading “PHP User Group FFM”