Comparison of Application Level Package Managers

I have to work with a lot (9) of different package managers at my daily work at VersionEye. Part of our mission is it to make manual updating of dependencies extinct, because it’s a manual and time consuming task which nobody enjoys. That’s why we are building a notification system for open source software libraries to make ContinuousContinue reading “Comparison of Application Level Package Managers”

Better support for PIP requirements.txt

Just pushed a new version of VersionEye online with an improved parser for requirements.txt files. Here are the new features: It can handle comments in requirements.txt files. It will ignore lines who are starting with http:// or https://. It can handle entries without explicit version string. Support for the pip.log file. An entry like thisContinue reading “Better support for PIP requirements.txt”

Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project

In a regular project you are using a handfull Software Libraries. Every Library in your project can use a different license. To get a list of all licenses which are used in your project can be difficult. You can double check the license for every single library in your project manually. But that is timeContinue reading “Getting a list of all Licenses in a Project”

Python MeetUp – How Web Frameworks interprets the URL – Python 3

On Wednesday I went to the Python MeetUp in San Francisco. The topic was Learn about logging, how web framework interprets the URL, and Python 3 Here is the MeetUp Event for that: The event was hosted by They have a pretty cool office, with a big kitchen and lot of Pizza … andContinue reading “Python MeetUp – How Web Frameworks interprets the URL – Python 3”