Installing Ruby on Mac OS X

On Mac OS X Ruby 1.8.X is already pre-installed. But if you want to have the newest version 1.9.X you have to install it again. I assume that you installed already XCode and MacPorts on your machine. Than you have update your MacPorts sudo port selfupdate All right. Now you can install the newest version.Continue reading “Installing Ruby on Mac OS X”

Single Sign-On with Facebook & Ruby on Rails

There are over 400 Million people on earth with a Facebook Account. From this point of view it makes absolute sense to offer a Single Sign-On with Facebook. Facebook offers a Login via OAuth 2.0. The Facebook documentation for the Authentication process you can find here: Before you are using the API from Facebook youContinue reading “Single Sign-On with Facebook & Ruby on Rails”

HTML Upload to Amazon S3 with Ruby on Rails

This Blog Post will demonstrate how to build a HTML file upload for images with Ruby on Rails and store the images on Amazon S3 Cloud Storage. I assume that you are familiar with Ruby on Rails and RubyGems. For the connection to Amazons S3 Storage System we will use the gem “aws-s3”. To useContinue reading “HTML Upload to Amazon S3 with Ruby on Rails”

RVM (Ruby Version Manager) – broken !?

Yesteday I installeld RVM on my Mac. RVM is a version Manager for Ruby. I wanted install ruby 1.9.2 with rvm. rvm install 1.9.2 After a while I got this Message: /Users/robert/.rvm/scripts/manage: line 135: syntax error in conditional expression: unexpected token `;’ /Users/robert/.rvm/scripts/manage: line 135: syntax error near `;’ /Users/robert/.rvm/scripts/manage: line 135: `      if [[Continue reading “RVM (Ruby Version Manager) – broken !?”