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  1. I have a question for you 😉 MyBatis 3 or Hibernate-JPA. Why?
    Recently, Alfresco has changed to MyBatis to increase performance and less memory

    1. Well. That is depending on your product. If you have a product like JIRA, something what have to run in different environments on different databases, Hibernate-JPA is the right choice.

      If you know that your application will always run with the same database and performance is important for you than I think MyBatis is the way to go. I would even recommend Spring-JDBC template. You have to write a little more code with that approach, but you have full control about your SQL and you can really take advantage of your database specific features.

      I have here an archetype for Spring + JDBC:

      I used the Spring-JDBC template for a backend project for http://versioneye.com before I switched over to a NoSQL database.

    1. I don’t use that GEM anymore. I am using plain oauth to communicate with Twitter. A little bit more code, but also more control and less magic I have to maintain 😉

    1. Hi Tarul. I don’t work for PLOIN anymore and somehow they shut down their M2 Repository Server. Sorry to say that but you have remove the ploinUtils dependency from the project and compile it again.

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