Cron Jobs on Heroku

Heroku is an App Engine for Ruby on Rails … and other Languages and Frameworks. Heroku is running your application and you don’t have to care about hardware or IT-Infrastructure. It is one abstraction layer above the Amazon Cloud EC2. First of all, there are no cron jobs on Heroku. Because it is an AppContinue reading “Cron Jobs on Heroku”

Amazon EC2 API Tools

To deal with instances on Amazon EC2 you need the Amazon EC2 API Tools. You can download it here: This command line tools are used to access the EC2 instances. To use this tools you need Java 1.5 or higher and you need to setup the System Variable “JAVA_HOME”.¬† How to set up theContinue reading “Amazon EC2 API Tools”

Cloud Computing with Amazon

I used already the S3 Storage from Amazon together with an Ruby on Rails App to store images. It worked pretty good for me. Now I am experimenting with EC2, the Elastic Cloud Computing. Here are some good links to start:

HTML Upload to Amazon S3 with Ruby on Rails

This Blog Post will demonstrate how to build a HTML file upload for images with Ruby on Rails and store the images on Amazon S3 Cloud Storage. I assume that you are familiar with Ruby on Rails and RubyGems. For the connection to Amazons S3 Storage System we will use the gem “aws-s3”. To useContinue reading “HTML Upload to Amazon S3 with Ruby on Rails”

Fukushima of Cloud Computing

Since 5 a.m. ET¬†Thursday morning April 21 the EC2 Cloud Service from Amazon in Virginia is down. Amazon is one of the biggest Cloud Service Providers world wide. Even Barak Obama propagated Cloud Computer Services as new green, safe and reliable IT. Amazon invested a lot of money to make the world believe that theirContinue reading “Fukushima of Cloud Computing”