How to get notified about out-dated dependencies in build.sbt?

Scala SBT is the build tool for the programming language Scala. You can specify your project dependencies in the “build.sbt” file, similar to the pom.xml file in Maven. A build.sbt file can look like this. But how do you get notified about new versions of your dependencies? VersionEye now supports Scala SBT. VersionEye can monitorContinue reading “How to get notified about out-dated dependencies in build.sbt?”

VersionEye now with new Dependency Badges

VersionEye has now new dependency badges for Java, Ruby, PHP and Node.JS. You will find them on every package page. They look like this. They badges are showing you immediately if the dependencies of a software library are up-to-date, out-of-date or unknown. By clicking on the badges a popup will appear with code snippets forContinue reading “VersionEye now with new Dependency Badges”