Geek2Geek NoSQL

Join the next Geek2Geek in Berlin this Friday night. We will talk about NoSQL databases and have talks to Neo4J, CouchDB and ArangoDB. The MeetUp will happen at CO.UP in Kreuzberg. Which is a pretty cool coworking space. Locafox, a young StartUp from Berlin, will sponsor pizza & beer. They are currently hiring in allContinue reading “Geek2Geek NoSQL”

JRuby + Neo4J Problems

I have JRuby on Rails app, which is using an ueber JAR to access Neo4J. The Neo4J database is in the rails root directory unter “data/”. By starting the HTTP Server I got today this Exception: IllegalArgumentException: No index provider ‘lucene’ found. Maybe the intended provider (or one more of its dependencies) aren’t on theContinue reading “JRuby + Neo4J Problems”

JRuby + Spring + AspectJ + Neo4J

I am playing around with JRuby and Neo4j as Graph Engine. My set up on the backend side contains a Java Application with Spring Annotations, AspectJ and Neo4J. In the frontend I have a Rails App with JRuby. Any time I try to access a class that have an annotation like “@NodeEntity”, I get anContinue reading “JRuby + Spring + AspectJ + Neo4J”