ActiveRDF + DBPedia + Ruby on Rails

This article show how to use ActiveRDF in Ruby on Rails to write queries for DBPedia. DBPedia is the semantic version of WikiPedia. Basically the whole knowledge in Wikipedia is available in DBPedia over RDF (Resource Definition Framework). There is a query language for RDF called SPARQL. With SPARQL and RDF you can write queriesContinue reading “ActiveRDF + DBPedia + Ruby on Rails”

ActiveRdfError: cannot execute query without data sources

I am playing around with LinkedData, RDF and SPARQL. That are the basics of the semantic web, the web 3.0. ¬†ActiveRDF is a Ruby Framework for accessing LinkedData in a object oriented way. It is pretty cool. I installed the GEM on my MacBook Air: gem install activerdf And I installed the SPARQL Adapter: gemContinue reading “ActiveRdfError: cannot execute query without data sources”